[New Magic Item] The Illusionist’s Handbook

The Illusionist’s Handbook

There was a strange pop that sounded and a book materialized on top of a pile near the old wizard running the magic shoppe, stirring small wisps of dust and startling a customer perusing scrolls nearby.

‘What was that?’ asked the customer.

The ancient wizard hobbled over to the pile and cast an eye onto the book on top of the pile and nodded to himself with a wry smile.

‘Oh nothing, just weeding out the ones not as clever as they thought they were,’ he replied with a wry smile.

Nobody is sure who penned the very first copy of this book, yet one thing is for sure, the original author/illustrator did NOT like illusionists.

Benefit: This book is fiction. Illustrated and written with lies meant to decieve an illusionist and encourage their illusions to be disblieved. Some of these are subtle, a black dragon is illustrated as a red dragon, or a troll might be depicted with three arms. Maybe a Fireball spell is described differently. This is meant to trip up a new or isolated illusionist to the point that an illusion is disblieved with a +1 modifier, +3 if the viewer has already seen the creature or spell before because even if the viewer has not seen the object/creature/spell/etc before something looks off, just not right about the illusion. If the caster, upon their illusion being disbelieved, realizes that this cursed book is responsible or if they die due to an illusion failing because of this book there is a 65% chance that the book will return to the source that the caster got it from.

Usable by: Usually unlucky illusionists.

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