[New Encounter] Ziggurat Navigator

Ziggurat Navigator

‘Five thousand gold?’ the mercenary captain repeated.

‘Five thousand gold. You are looking to get far away fast, are you not?’ the oddly dressed man asked.

The mercenary captain looked over his shoulder.

‘Voln! Bring the small trunk! Now!’ he growled.

A hunched man dragged a trunk over, straining and grunting.

The mercenary captain kicked the wooden trunk open as the sounds of battle drew closer.

The odd man looked away from his maps for a moment and looked over the gold. Screaming and the clash of steel could be heard down the hall.

‘Close enough, let’s go!’ the Ziggurat Navigator said.

With a crackle of arcane energy the mercenary and his accomplice disappeared moments before the door was broken down, leaving Voln the Unlucky to face the music.

These specialists are trained in travel among the various pyramids and ziggurats that are built on various Prime Material worlds and even out in the Planes.It takes many years of intense training and a deep understanding of the complicated tools and maps necessarry to travel to the secret rooms very few know exist within each of these structures and allow these buildings, with the esoteric and arcane imagery within these rooms, to be interconnected.

In the game: Very rare, expensive and often no-nonsense, Ziggurat Navigators are individuals dedicated to world and plane hopping in search of adventure, or as a lucrative means of transporting others or even material, legal and contraband, to other places and even realities. When a deal is struck these hardy individuals activate their maps and adjust strange tools. In a few moments the Ziggurat Navigator and any individuals or up to 1000 lbs of non-living material are transported to the desired location with a 90% chance of suceess. A result of 91-100 on percentile die means that there has been a calculating error or perhaps an interference from an interdimensional entity and the Navigator and his or her cargo are sent instead to a random secret room within another pyramid or ziggurat.

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