[New Magic Item] Saddle of the Morphing Mount

Saddle of the Morphing Mount

It took almost a decade for the constables to realize that it was a magical saddle that aided the daring thief Veladil in her raids. She had always seemed to favor bogs and marshes to enter and leave the small towns and villages she preyed upon. Not from any vendetta, just because she had a saddle that allowed her various mounts to travel unhindered through the fens and swamps.

Made many centuries ago for a Hero, the Saddle of the Morphing Mount has a kind of magic that has made many a druid green with jealousy. Only a trio of these magic iems are known to be in existence.

Benefit: This magical saddle must be strapped onto an animal that is used as a mount, which means that the creature must begin with Animal level Intelligence of 1. Once one of these saddles is secured the creature immediately gains Semi-Low intelligence (4-6) and can comminucate non-verbally as the creature still cannot speak. The Saddle of Morphing Mounts also allows the mount to adapt to any environment of the Material Plane, gaining characteristics that vary from amphibious to reptilian to marine to wooly, with a full ability to naturally survive and thrive in these conditions with the rider gaining the same attributes as long as he or she remains within 50′ of the saddled creature at all times, going beyond this breaks that protection for the rider who must be within 50′ for one hour to gain the mount’s abilties again. The mount can move at maximum speed throughout these conditions like an ‘all terrain’ vehicle. The only ability that the saddle doesn’t grant is the ability to fly.

Usable by: Anyone.

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