[New Spell] Hallucinatory Trail

Hallucinatory Trail

‘Those ogres have something with them, war hounds, I think,’ Koram said.

Valance squinted back.

‘They are releasing them,’ the priest of the Spider God observed.

‘I’ve got this,’ Knat the druidess said with determination and began a spell. The trailing hounds soon began to whine and ran in the opposite direction of the adventurers, one of the ogres sniffed the air and seemed to see something terrifying and ran off after the war dogs. Shrugging the other ogres followed suit, nervously retreating.

‘Handy to have around, your cousin,’ Chalk told the Scholar of Wexos.

‘Yes, but don’t ever tell her that, it will go to her head,’ the illusionist replied.

‘I heard that,’ Knat said.

Hallucinatory Trail (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Special.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

A seemingly innocuous spell, Hallucinatory Trail causes any creature tracking the druid by scent to have vivid and threatening hallucinations of twisting malevolent trees and vines, nipping mushrooms and pouncing shadows that distract the tracker and cause Fear as per the Magic-User spell and will run off for safety. Tracking animals receive no Saving Throw while creatures of Low Intelligence+ receive a standard save to resist the fearful effects of this spell.

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