[New Monster] Riddling Wyrm of Valdarok

Riddling Wyrm of Valdarok

Navnen grunted as he staggered into the cottage and dropped the large rock onto the floorboards, it landed with a loud thud.

‘New pet?’ Valance asked sarcastically.

‘You know, if you were a nice cleric you could dispel this curse,’ the thief answered.

‘I’m not a nice cleric,’ quipped the priest of the Spider God as he went back to reading a few scrolls he had found.

‘What happened?’ Koram asked.

‘Those stairs in the middle of town that lead to the old city ruins. I went there with a couple of associates and we found a bit of coin and a strange talking reptile, really talkative thing,’ Navnen replied.

‘Yes? Go on,’ Chalk urged.

‘The damned thing asked us a riddle and I gave the rong answer, now I need to dispel this curse or carry this for who knows how long,’ the thief said.

‘Aren’t most curses like a year and a day or so many months according to the caster, that sort of thing?’ Valance asked nonchalantly.

Navnen grumbled and sulked next to his rock.

Riddling Wyrm of Valdarok
These strange creatures resemble an alligator or caiman with no back legs and a deep blue hide with a pale blue underbelly. Often found wrapped around a statue or a rock formation, this twelve foot long creatures are quite intelligent and even talkative, often putting themselves in charge of a passageway or route, often underground, to see how adventurers deal with their riddles. While these creatures look vicious they often try to avoid combat and will often just levitate away from danger when they can.

Riddling Wyrm of Valdarok: HD 6; AC 5[14]; Atk: Bite or claw,(1d4/1d6+2); Move 9 ; Save 14; AL:N (Chaotic tendencies);CL/XP 5/1200; Special: Immune to Sleep and Charm spells, Levitate (as per the spell at will), Riddling Wrath– can ask a riddle that is unanswered, becomes a curse of the creature’s choice. If answered the Riddling Wyrm will warn the party of one potential danger (living, dead, a trap, or guardian, etc) ahead, how to deal with it and cannot lie about it.

Optional: This blog has a LOT of curses for reference.

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