[New Monster] Arbiter of Flames

Arbiter of Flames

‘That is a lie,’ the bronze-skinned humanoid said.

Navnen squirmed.

‘Okay, I know who broke into the Shrine of Zuros, but it wasn’t me,’ the thief confessed.

The Arbiter of Flames nodded to the chief constable.

‘You keep your hands then, just tell us who the perpetrators are,’ the chief constable said.

Glaring at the strange bronze-skinned humanoid Navnen reluctantly snitched.

Arbiter of Flames
Uncanny humanoids, an Arbiter of Flames appears as a bronze skinned humanoid with fiery eyes, silvery robes, a flaming sword in one hand and a crown of laurel leaves upon his or her head. These creatures always look dispassionate and unconcerned, although they take their duties very seriously. These creatures are often summoned from their strange temple-homes to help decide important conflicts in as civil and diplomatic a manner as possible.

Arbiter of Flames: HD 7; AC 6[13]; Atk: Weapon (flaming sword),(1d8+2); Move 12 ; Save 14; AL:N; CL/XP 6/1550; Special: Immune to Charm spells, and all fires, magical or mundane, Detect Lie at will, Sword of Flames, when it strikes roll 1d6. On a result of 5-6 the target catches on fire and any flammable materials burst into flame.

Optional: While fire is considered purifying, there is no reason to not incorporate other elements into this idea.

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