[New Monster] Kludde


One by one the peasants and farmers were disappearing at night, some went to light the village’s center fire at dusk and were lured away by the voice of a friend or family member asking for assistance while others were picked off by something only known as the ‘Gnashing Shadow”, a creature, or creatures unkown that were preying nightly on the villagers. Only after the local duke reluctantly sent a small group of heroes to sort out the problem did one night watchman spy a trio of bat-winged dog-like creatures flying off into the trees, apparently looking for easier pickings.

Haunting desolate places the kludde appear most commonly as dark bat-winged dogs with a wolfish look although these creatures can also appear as a giant rat or a black cat at will. Using its ability to speak and its incredible speed to pick off stragglers, scouts, the lost and lone wanderers. These creatures have a malicious intelligence that allows them to start all sorts of mischief with their ability to speak.

Kludde: HD 4; AC 6[13]; Atk: Bite or claw,(1d4/1d6); Move 12/Fly 15 ; Save 12; AL:Chaotic; CL/XP 3/800; Special: Fast- +1 to initiative rolls, Vocal trickery– the kludde use their voices to sound like any creature to try to lure victims to them with an 80% chance of convincing prey. Hide in Shadows– blend into shadows with 75% success. Shapeshift– a will into the forms of either a black cat or giant rat, still capable of speech, but without the ability to fly.

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