[New Spell] If Blood Is Spilled

If Blood Is Spilled

The door to the Briar and Stag tavern burst open. Four figures entered silently. One scanned the room and cracked a smile.

‘Volgan, priest of Locusts, the Insect God,’ Valance said as he rolled up his sleeves.

Volgan suddenly sat upright, trying to shake off the effects of too many ales.

‘Yes, priest of the Spider God,’ Volgan said with disdain.

‘My year and a day are up. No blood spilled,’ Valance said with a smile.

‘No…,’ Began the priest of Locustus.

‘Oh, yes, I am going to spill some blood now, yours,’ sneered Valance.

Volgan bolted for the back door as the priest of the Spider God and his companions laughed and sidled up to the bar.

‘Maybe after a few drinks,’ added Valance.

If Blood Is Spilled (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Instantaneous when conditions are met within one year and a day.

The priest or priestess touches the target and if that being willingly sheds blood then all wealth possessed by that person is donated to the church, shrine, temple, etc of the caster. Blood must be shed in combat by the subject, accidents and bruising/brawling do not count. If the target of the spell resists shedding blood for one year and one day then the spell becomes inert.

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