[New Magic Item] Potion Against Blades

Potion Against Blades

The hobgoblin mercenary laughed as Koram struck it with his Crystal Sword and the weapon did no damage. Navnen’s thrown dagger dropped harmlessly to the ground.

‘Let’s see how the hobgoblin like the bite of the giant spider,’ Valance said with a grin.

‘Now that isn’t funny,’ quipped the hobgoblin before making a hasty retreat.

This complicated alchemical concoction, if used with the right words, can get a person out of a lot of trouble, or get them in a worse jam if not used properly.

Benefit: A simple elixir that renders the imbiber immune to bladed weapons for one hour per dose (a small vial typically holds four doses when full. Swords, daggers and axes do no damage to the one who drinks this potion, however blunt weapons such as maces, cudgels and clubs deal an extra +1 damage for the duration of the enchantment. Unarmed combat is carried out as usual, this potion only affects held weapons.

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