[New Spell] Corpse of One I’ve Slain

Corpse of One I’ve Slain

The porters groaned as they pushed the cart just out of sight of the town’s main gates. The magic-user strolled forward confidently and mumbled a spell. Instantly the tarps moved and buckled as something underneath rose and stepped forward. The porters grabbed at the coverings and revealed a dead mammoth, rotting and vile, with a saddle on its back.

‘Why does he insist on riding that thing into EVERY town and village we encounter?’ one of the hirelings asked.

‘I do not know,’ replied another,’but I sure will be happy when that thing rots down to bones so that it is easier to push.’

This comment caused the hireling to earn a sharp look from the ever vigilant necromancer.

Corpse of One I’ve Slain (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

When cast this necromantic spell allows the caster to animate the corpse of one creature that he or she has slain or took part in slaying. This animated creature has full HD of it’s living counterpart and is under the full control of the spellcaster who raised it from the dead and may even send the creature on small missions as it will follow simple commands.

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