[New Magic Item] Old Oaken Snake

Old Oaken Snake

‘Hurry up, Nav, we’ve got to get out of here,’ Valance urged.

The thief hobbled down the corridor as an arcane alarm began blaring.

‘Something is wrong, that wooden snake bit me, my leg….,’ Navnen said.

The snarl of a ferocious dog behind them could not even make the thief move faster.

Valance whirled around and threw two handfuls of nasty spiders at the dog, which instantly whined and retreated just at the sight of the arachnids. The priest of the Spider God grumbled out the door as the thief tried his best to run with one leg made of oak.

Another magic item of unknown origin, the Old Oaken Snake is a devious thing, usually sent to cause a bit of mischief and chaos, which it usually does well.

Benefit: A small magical construct thought to be inhabitated by a minor spirit to give it a modicum of intelligence, enough to follow simple commands, the Old Oaken Snake is a hand-carved viper of oak that is often sent after thieves or rivals to ruin their day. A successful bite on a leg reduces speed by ¼, two legs by ½ (of a biped, of course) as the legs turn to stiff jointed limbs of oak for 1d4 hours. Each arm bitten reduces Dexterity by two points as fine manipulation with the hands becomes virtually impossible for 1d4 hours. A Saving Throw versus Paralysis with a -1 modifier is recquired to resist the bite of this unliving serpent. A bite to the head or torso causes the same wooden feeling yet does not affect any attributes.

Old Oaken SnakeHD 2; AC 5 [15]; Atk Bite (1d4 plus wooden limbs for 1d4 hours); Move 9/12 (climbing); Save 15; AL N; CL/XP 5/75; Special: Bite causes limb to turn to oak for 1d4 hours, construct, immune to Sleep and Charm spells, does not need to breathe, eat, etc.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Old Oaken Snake

  1. Hiverlord says:

    You come up with some interesting items. The “scene” descriptions at the beginning of these posts makes the items ‘come alive’.

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