[New Magic Item] Bait Coin

Bait Coin

There was an insistant knock at the door. The adventurers echnaged glances and shrugged.

‘Who is it?’ Koram asked.

‘We are looking for a thief,’ came the gruff reply.

Navnen sighed, opened the door and faced a trio of constables.

‘How did you trace me?’ the thief asked as he retrieved a coin pouch and handed it to the lead constable.

‘That is for us to know,’ the chief constable replied with a wry smile.

One of the other two constables punched Navnen in the jaw as a reminder. The thief shut the door and crumpled into a chair, nursing his jaw.

‘Friends of yours?’ Valance asked with a sarcastic grin.

Created by an archmage that was tired of being stolen from, this magical coin has thwarted too many thieves to list. Also know as ‘Thieve’s Bane’ among rogues, this enchanted item is hated and despised by those who purloin for an evening.

Benefit: An enchanted gold or silver coin, for this magic item comes in both varieties, is activated by its owner and left alone, often mixed in with other coins or dropped into a coin purse. If lost, dropped or stolen the owber can sense the general location within three miles and and the owner can determine a more precise location if within 30′. Once regained by the owner it takes 24 hours to ‘reset’ the coin. If the owner does not recover the coin within a year and a day a new owner may take charge of this magical coin.

Usable by: Anyone.

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