[New Magic Item] Bracers of Giant Avoidance

Bracers of Giant Avoidance

Fellhorn watched the elf ranger as he approached the hill giant. The elf paused a moment and nodded at the druid who commenced his spell. The earth beneath the giant’s feet became mud in a moment, and the giant began to sink, dropping its club and desperately clawing at the air.

‘For what your tribe did to my village,’ the elf hissed.

The hill giant looked dumble around, fear in its eyes.

Without hesitation the elf released his enchanted arrow, striking the giant right between the eyes. The beastial humanoid gurgled and clawed the air before it died.

A roar could be heard from the trees.

‘Let’s go,’ the elf said with some urgency.

‘Why the hurry?’ asked the gnome illusionist.

‘I do not think I will be invisible to the approaching fire giant,’ the elf ranger said as the fire giant exploded through the pines with a fierce growl and a re glowing axe.

A curious magic item, this set of bracers doesn’t usually reveal all of its powers to the finder at once unless found under the right conditions. Normally it is only by accident or mishap that these bracers have their full abilities known. As these bracers cover all giant types they were made for a purpose, but nobody is sure just what purpose.

Benefit: To all these leather bracers convey a +2 to the AC of the wearer. In addition, each set of these bracers makes the wearer invisible to a certain type of giant (hill, stone, fire, frost, cloud, storm, etc). However, to any other type of giant the wearer is quite vulnerable, with the giant having a +2 to hit and dealing +2 damage to the wearer. May only be removed by a Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish spell. If two different pairs of bracers are worn (hill and fire giant, for example) all giants will be hostile and enjoy the +2 modifier bonuses.

Usable by: Anyone.

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