[New Magic Item] Club of Titanic Trials

Club of Titanic Trials

The gnome illusionist winced as the Fire Giant roared in anger and pulled a huge sword from its sheath, stomping forward.

‘Would you lose that club or learn to hit better?’ the elf ranger asked.

‘What if there is a magical reward for taking this thing all the way and beating the final creature?’ Fellhorn the druid asked as he prepared to hit the rampaging giant.

‘And if there isn’t? Eventually we are going to be fround into a pulp,’ the eld replied as he loosed an arrow at the howling giant.

Thought to have been created to test mighty heroes, other think that this is just a cursed club, a cruel joke made by a deity of the giants to teach smaller folk a lesson.

Benefit: This magical club, upon a critical miss (result of 1-3 on 1d20) to any Medium sized target, will transform that target into an Ogre with full Hit Dice. A further critical miss will transform the Ogre into a Hill Giant with maximum HD. This continues up the giant chain for every bad roll until the foe is the size of a Titan with full HD. Most of those wielding this club realize what is happening around the Frost/Fire Giant point, others are slow learners. This club deals 1d6+2 points of damage in combat.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a club.

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