[New Magic Item] De-Scenting Candles

De-Scenting Candles

The grunting and growling bugbears rushed into the small glen, weapons drawn and ready for action. The half a dozen brutish humanoids were out for blood and getting hungry.

‘What do we do now?’ the elf ranger asked, fear could be heard in his normally calm and somewhat sardonic voice.

‘Just pretend you are a tree, don’t wave your arms around too much,’ the gnome illusionist whispered back as the bugbears sniffed the air.

Eventually the bestial creature tired of this hunt among the pines and shuffled off into the shadowy depths of the forest.

After waiting a few minutes the elf ranger and gnome illusionist scuttled back to camp.

‘Fellhorn is not going to believe this,’ the gnome said. ‘I just wish I had bought more of those candles.’

Useful for descending into dungeons and deep forested valleys, de-scenting candles are an alchemical concoction that will take away traces of the living, and the undead, when necessary. Just remember, these mask scent, not sight.

Benefit: These enchanted candles have a 95% chance to block obvious scents and odors from those who do not track by scent and have a 75% chance to block a scent trail to those who do trail by scent. These alchemical candles totally neutralize a scent, confusing the olfactory organs and eliminating the scent of any creatures within the dim light and trail of the candle if it is moving. Candles illuminate to 25′ in diameter and each lasts up to six hours.

Usable by: Anyone.

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