[New Spell] Shadow Wave

Shadow Wave

Koram cracked the jaw of the clacking skull atop the wave of shadow-stuff as Navnen turned to run and tripped. With a scream that was eeriely muted the wave rushed over the thief. Moments later the human was a thing of shadows.

Chalk threw a dagger at the illusionist that suddenly became three, which was two too many for the other spellcaster to dodge. Then one of Valance’s spiders leaped upon the illusionist and sank its poisonous fangs into his neck. He fell with a strange smile upon his face.

‘Do we need to remove another curse?’ Koram asked as he nodded towards the shadow-Navnen.

‘I am not sure, I’ll need to study this spell,’ Chalk replied as he looked through the illusionist’s things for a spellbook or scroll. Finding a blank parchment cause the wizard to frown.

Navnen was trying to tell them not to hurry as he was actually enjoying this shadowy form, but his words were muted and distorted, only heard on the Plane of Shadow.

Shadow Wave (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 30′.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

This strange spell conjures an eerie wave of shadows that are topped by the clacking skulls of those who have died in the immediate area. This wave is 5′ high and 15′ across and moves at a rate of 25′ per turn, even in combat. Normally eight skulls top this shadowy wave, no more than three may attack a single person. Attacking as a 3HD monster each skull deals 1d4+1 points of damage. Those engulfed in the wave must make a Save versus Magic or become a shadows (as per the monster) for 1d4+1 hours after which time they revert to normal. There is a 15% chance that an individual doesn’t come back and remains a Shadow permanently.

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