[New Magic Item] Wand of Bones

Wand of Bones

Deadflower grinned with extreme malice. The necromantress had travelled a long road to get back to ear her death sentence was announced by the pompous priest that was now only a few paces away.

‘Father Pickles,’ she said in her normally creepy voice.

The priest stopped dead in his tracks, immobilized by that voice.

As he spun on his heal Deadflower flicked her wrist, sending a ghostly skull racing towards Father Pickles and exploded into a puff of smoke upon contact. As the priest flailed at the smoke his flesh and innards began to melt away, leaving only a skeleton.

Three guardsmen happened along a moment later.

‘A skeleton! The undead are here!’ the guard yelled as he drew his sword.

With her cruel smile Deadflower melted into the shadows, hunting the next target of her vengeance.

Nobody is exactly sure whether this magic item was created as a gag item or if there was a particular purpose, but the use of this magic item can have deadly serious consequences in the wrong situation.

Benefit: This strange magic wand, when a charge is expended at a target, will create the illusion of that target being a skeletal version of themselves and this effect lasts for 1d4 hours. With no Saving Throw it is up to those affected to convince any companions that they are indeed still alive and wearing flesh on those bones. A viewer can try to see through the illusion and they can make a Save versus Spells to see through the illusion with a -1 modifier to their roll. Any spell up to level three can be used to recharge the wand.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a wand.

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