[New Magic Item] Staff of the Cackling Crescent Moon

Staff of the Cackling Crescent Moon

The gnome illusionist knocked over a goblin thug then faced Boglug, the goblin mage. Again.

‘You!’ the gnome exclaimed.

‘You!’ the goblin wizard screeched.

Just as the elf was about to say something sarcastic the mouth opened on the strange copper crescent moon at the end of the goblin’s staff and everything went dark.

‘Walk towards my voice,’ said Fellhorn the druid to his companions just before shadowy monsters lurched at him.

‘This goblin is very annoying,’ quipped the elf as he emerged from the globe of total darkness and aimed an arrow at the vile humanoid.

This very powerful magical staff was owned for the longest time by a goblin wizard named Nizzbog for the longest time. This goblin lead a warband that caused fear and destruction in many small towns and villages before finally disappearing into obscurity, yet his staff remains, still in the hands of goblins, still a plague to civilization. An old oak staff with a crescent moon of copper atop it. That crescent moon has a sinister face with a hinged jaw.

Benefit: This enchanted staff has three powers usable once per day. Each time a power is invoked the hinged jaw opens to unleash the spell-like ability. In addition this staff holds three extra spells for the wielder. The powers this staff has are:

  • Globe of Light/Darkness– can be cast within 120′ upon an area 12′ in diameter. Lasts for five rounds per level of caster, represents the full and new moon. Note that the light is about as bright as a torch with a soft white glow and not as bright as the sun.
  • Misdirection– can be cast up to 45 feet and lasts for two rounds per level of caster. Represents the mysterious nature of the moon.
  • Phantasmal Monsters– can be cast up to 45′ away and lasts for three rounds per level of staff’s wielder. This power represents the fear of the night and how the moon reveals things in the shadows.

In addition, in combat the staff has an eerie mechanical cackle that causes all within 20′ to be -1 to hit and damage the wielder of the staff due to the unnerving sound.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a magical staff.

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