[New Spell] Improved Portal

Improved Portal

The priest turned and looked over his shoulder in fear for the sadistic wizard Stork kept a steady pace a few feet behind him. The wizard sneered and drew a magical dagger which he drew back just as the mumbling cleric reached the doorway. The dagger flew as the door slammed and a dagger that would have, with arcane abilities activated, flown threw even the thick wooden door and buried itself into the soft flesh of the cleric merely clanged harmlessly off of the now metal door and fell harmlessly to the cobblestones below. Stork growled as Vistis the Blue Mage joined him.

‘I will kill you,’ Stork said to the cleric in a mocking sing-song voice as he nodded at Vistis. The illusionist conjured shadowy monsters that slithered to the windows and crept in through the bars on said windows.

‘Not today!’ squeaked the cleric as he disappeared, unbeknownst to the two spellcasters outside through a magical mirror already prepared.

Stork howled in rage, not liking to be eluded, especially by an upstart cleric that had beat him at dice three times in a row.

Improved Portal (Cleric)

Level 2

Range: Touch.

Duration: Permanent, although reversible.

As a cleric passes through or merely touches a particular door, window or similar portal that has a way of closing the caster may make this portal stronger. For example a thin pine door wood become upgraded to a thick, oaken door, an oak door to a stone door, a stone door to a metal door, etc, using reason to determine the strength of the new door, or shutters or similar closing device. Each upgrade includes reasonable reinforcement as well. This spell will not lock or unlock a door, yet it is reversible and can make a door easier to break. Multiple casts will stack to a thick metal door of mithril that is nearly unbreakable.

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