[New Magic Item] Belt of Lycanthropic Revelation

Belt of Lycanthropic Revelation

Navnen leaned in towards the other patron of the bar.

‘Someone in here is a lycanthrope,’ the thief said.

‘A what?’ the other man asked.

‘Someone who can change their shape,’ Navnen replied.

‘Who? Who could it be?’ the other man said as he raised his mug of ale to take a drink.

‘I am guessing it is you,’ Navnen said with a twinkle in his eye.

‘How dare you! How do you come to this conclusion!’ the man demanded, seemingly outraged.

‘Because I was in here last night and everyone else was here, except you, and I didn’t have this same inkling shall we say,’ the thief replied just before the other man let out a shriek and became a vicious looking wererat, squeaking in defiance as he raced for a nearby window.

Made by an overly paranoid wizard to give to a hero, this magical belt, seemingly made of the hides of several creatures, has caused a lot of upheavel and dismay as it reveals shapeshifters about the land.

Benefit: In addition to granting the wearer a +1 to AC this enchanted belt alerts the wearer whenever a lycanthrope is within 40′. While this does not reveal who the lycanthrope is, often simple deduction reveals them. The lycanthrope is compelled to reveal themselves after one full turn (ten minutes) of being in the company of the wearer of this belt, getting a standard Saving Throw versus Paralysis with a -1 to their Save each subsequent turn to a maximum -3 modifier. Once the wearer of the belt knows who the lycanthrope is he or she may then cause that person to ‘freeze’ in shape, stuck in whatever form the belt’s wearer chooses, the lycanthrope may only reverse this situation via a Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish spell.

Usable by: Anyone.

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