[New Encounter] Perambulating Pond

Perambulating Pond

The druid, elf and gnome sat among some gloomy pine trees on the edge of a clearing lamenting their lack of food. Not long after a small body of water floated by before them, lazily flowing through the air at about the height of the gnome.

‘Did you see that? Even I have no idea what that is,’ exclaimed the druid.

‘If you saw it then we saw it,’ commented the elf.

‘And I saw three small trout swimming within those odd waters,’ added the gnome.

The trio leaped up and raced after the slow moving water. Then tried to figure out exactly how to extract the fish.

As Lokrivag, the God of Minor Waters was bested and overthrown the small god cast a great curse that caused a mighty lake nearby to rise up from the ground and fragment into thousands of small ponds each around five hundred gallons. These meandering small bodies of water float about three to four feet off of the ground, settling now and then on the ground for unknown reasons before rising again with only a bare scrap of intelligence, being more akin to oozes and slimes with just a hint of malicious intent. Small stones, stray fish, bits of reeds and algae, along with occasional bones and minor treasure may be found in a Perambulating Pond as it aimlessly drifts about.

In the game: A Perambulating Pond can be a lifesaver or a death sentence. If these floating bodies of water go too far afield one can be encountered in desolate and dry areas and may be used as a source of water and even food if a fish or edible flora is trapped inside. Conversely, a creature such as an ogre can easily toss a creature of Medium size or smaller into one of these tiny ponds, which requires a Dexterity check to escape to avoid drowing within the mildly vile water which strangely tries to hold air breathers within (it is part of the curse).

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