[New Spell] Ants in the Breeches

Ants in the Breeches

The prince twitched and squirmed as he stood before the crowd, a few in the crowd laughed despite themselves. He leaned in to his court wizard who pointed at a nearby tower. A face that was watching the crowd disappeared into the shadows within the tower’s window.

A few moments later the prince regained his composure and started his speech again before those assembled.

When he was done he turned to his wizard again.

‘Send a warning to that old trickster, if he does that again I’ll have him flayed,’ the prince said.

The wizard nodded, a little jealous at how brazen the old illusionist was.

Ants in the Breeches (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: 15′.

Duration: Three rounds.

This simple illusionist spell causes a target or targets in range to feel as if ants or similar insects were crawling on their skin under clothing. This sensation distracts those affected and causes them to be -1 on all rolls for the duration of the spell as the sensation is too much to bear. This spell affects only living creatures that have clothing or thick fur of Low+ Intelligence. The caster may choose up to four targets if they choose to be affected by this spell by rolling 1d4. When the spell’s duration is over those affected revert back to normal and no longer feel the creeping insect sensation. There is no Saving Throw for this spell.

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