[New Magic Item] Writ of Ruination

Writ of Ruination

‘That’s the third building down this week, it is,’ one city guardsman told the other as they contemplated the fresh ruins before them.

‘How do these buildings fall I wonder?’ the other asked.

‘I don’t know, but it sure seems like that wizard now has a nice view of the sky, just like he always wanted,’ replied the first guardsman.

‘It can’t be him, he’s harmless, and he hasn’t even conjured anything in a long time, not since that last time,’ interjected the second guardsman, although both men suddenly cast wary eyes upon the wizard’s tower.

In the underbrush the old conjurer snickered as his impish familiar returned a rolled up scroll to his that it had found in the debris of the latest building to fall.

Scattered about after the breakdown of two warring empires had used dozens of these magical scrolls, these strange writs are unheard of in some areas and have entire squads of those who seek them in others. What seems like a joke to some becomes horrifyingly real in time of one of these is not remove from a premises.

Benefit: When affixed to a build securely with wax, nails, string or some similar materials this magical scroll will begin weakening and loosening the building’s structure little by little so that a small building of simple materials will take 1d4 days to collapse, a medium building with more complex structure will take 1d4 weeks to collapse and a huge structure such as a castle will take 1d4 months to become ruins. This process is noticable and if detected and the writ removed or destroyed the process will reverse and the structure will go back to the same condition it was in before the writ was attached, otherwise the building is doomed. A Writ of Ruination may be applied inside or outside of a building, yet must be on a wall to take effect, only one of these magical scrolls is necessary, the writs do not stack. The writ is not destroyed with the building and can be salvaged and reused if it can be found in the rubble and desecration that it caused.

Usable by: Anyone.

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