[New Spell] Have an Animal Attribute

Have an Animal Attribute

There was a loud clunking sound in the upper level of the cottage. Moments later Navnen the thief came downstairs sporting a long pair of mule ears.

‘Now what?’ Koram asked.

‘Had a job at the druid’s grove, one of their smart animals caught me and a druid gave me these ears to think twice about messing with them next time, I guess,’ the thief replied.

‘Can you hear better with those ears?’ Valance asked.

‘Yes, I heard the city guard chasing me around until I lost them and crept back here,’ Navnen answered.

‘Are we going to need another Remove Curse spell?’ Chalk asked.

‘No, I think these go away in a few days,’ Valance replied, sounding as if he knew more about it than he was letting on.

Have an Animal Attribute (Druid)

Level 1

Range: 10′.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

A druid spell which inflicts one animal attribute per casting upon a subject. While these can be beneficial, such as the ears of a jackass, granting a +1 to listening rolls or the cloven hooves of a mule, granting a +1 to damage the subject still has an obvious animal part that is often jarring and contradictory to the subject’s original form which can bring about many complications and accusations and can cause a lot of problems for the human or dwarf that suddenly has rabbit ears, although this person can hear the mob coming for them. Abilities do not stack, yet different animal bits can be attached without problem.

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