[New Magic Item] Returning Ring

Returning Ring

Pyj the Wily strolled confidently into the courtyard. Two guards stopped him.

‘Just a quiver of arrows?’ one guard said.

‘It’s all he got,’ said the other. ‘Not even a dagger.’

‘He is no threat without a bow, let him pass,’ was the decision of the first guard.

The thief melted into the crowd and then found a shadowy place to lurk in the shadows just before the foul duke appeared.

Pyj murmured to his ring and a shortbow appeared in his hands. He knocked a poisoned arrow and aimed at the duke.

‘I hope the archpriest’s gold is good,’ he said to himself just before he let the arrow fly.

This ring was made by a forgetful wizard that went on many rambling walks in the forests and ruins outside of his tower and he used it constantly the older he grew. Then one day he forgot to wear it and a wily thief found it.

Benefit: Once per day this enchanted ring can recall one object into the possession of the wearer. The object must be on the same plane of existence and within 1000 miles of the ring’s wearer. In addition, the item recalled must already be owned by the subject calling it to them, it cannot be owned by another, yet it can be an object that is owned by multiple parties as long as the one recalling it is one of them. It is possible to recall stolen items with this ring. It takes 72 hours for the ring to recharge naturally although a 4th level spell will immediately recharge the ring. The item recalled is limited to 10x Strength attribute of the owner in weight. For example a Str of 8 would only transport an item up to 80 lbs in weight.

Usable by: Anyone.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Returning Ring

  1. Hiverlord says:

    You keep coming up with some fantastic spells and items. If/when I ever run another fantasy campaign, I’ll be including several of your creations.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. bat says:

    Thank you very much for those kind words, I really, really do appreciate you take the time to say this. As I said at the ten year mark, things are happening in the background to further support the ideas behind the blog, more is coming soon.

  3. Jeremy Edwards says:

    A most interesting item. One question: once an item has been recalled it remains. I don’t think Pyj would want to be caught with a shortbow so I guess he would abandon or destroy it so it wouldn’t be found on his person?

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