[New Encounter] House in Dregeth Dell

House in Dregeth Dell

Pyj the Wily was taken aback as he entered the small clearing. A house, in this dense forest, with a strange face staring at him. He heard the foliage nearby rustle and realized he wasn’t alone, but knew his pursuers cannot be so close on his trail.

‘Looking for sanctuary?’ asked the house to the thief’s dismay and relief.

‘Why yes, I..,’ Pyj began.

A bugbear revealed itself from the dense shrubs and brush.

‘What have you got to offer for such protection?’ growled the furry monster.

Pyj went through his possessions and found an enchanted wand he had picked up from a long-dead wizard.

‘Add it to the pile in the treasure room, two days you have,’ offered the house and then it opened its mouth wide.

Unsure, the thief stepped inside and realized that there was a normal abode within.

A day later a small army showed up looking for the thief. The face that was on the house’s outside looked inward.

‘I will not risk my guardians, too many seek you,’ the house said. ‘Take your wand back, go down in the cellar, the secret door is open, follow the tunnel. Now!’

Pyj collected his things and scrambled into the cellar and down the tunnel just in time before the house let two constables in to look for the thief.

Deep down in Dregeth Dell sits a strange house, set apart from civilization. Looking a little worse for wear, this house still stands solidly by a rambling brook. On one side of the house is a face, two eyes, a nose and a wide, grinning mouth, yetno doors can be seen on any side. At first these exaggerrated features appeare to be painted on, yet upon closer inspection one sees that the house is alive, the face is real, and if those coming near did not already encounter the guardians of the House in Dregeth Dell they soon will. Definitely a godsend for the desperate, this house has protect many on the run, all of which have shown grattitude in one way or another.

In the game: This peculiar building is alive, possibly being a creature from another dimension or an alternate plane of existence, or may even be a magical mishap. This house protects those on the run. It negotiates with them and if it finds that their case is legitimate it will offer sanctuary for a certain amount of time or even an escape route, if necessarry or if the house is under attack and being overwhelmed. Those seeking a safe refuge that have struck a deal with the odd house will be offered to step inside its mouth. Inside is a normal, small cottage like atmosphere, complete with cooking amenities and a place to lay down bedrolls and rest. The house has a basement and a secret door (revealed by the house if it wills it, will lead to a tunnel that ends in an old oak tree stump nearly a quarter mile away. The house, if attacked, has 80hp and a bites for 2d10 damage. In addition the dense woods just passed the clearing where the house stands are filled with a number of humans, demi-humans and humanoids at any time that patrol the dell and protect the house, achieving this with a common drive that keeps them from quarrelling.

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2 Responses to [New Encounter] House in Dregeth Dell

  1. Glenn Robinson says:

    Like everything you write, wow. That’s so wonderfully awesome. Thank you.

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