[New Spell] Shadowform


Chalk glanced over the scroll one more time.

‘Okay, let’s do this,’ the wizard said.

Koram nodded as Chalk read the spell. Valance and Navnen readied their weapons.

With a thunderous shout Koram kicked in the door. Chalk rushed in first, he was now an imposing creature of shadows, glaring about the room with unseen eyes. Those within screamed and fled out windows or other doors, leaving a huge haul on the table.

‘Do we just take our things back, or…,’ Valance let his question trail.

Navnen the thief started to answer.

‘Leave what isn’t ours,’ the shadow-Chalk hissed. The thief and priest of the Spider God both smirked in unison, yet both snuck a few things from the thief’s den that wasn’t theirs just the same.

Shadowform (Magic-User)

Level 7

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One turn (ten minutes) per level of caster or until dispelled.

Whe cast upon one’s self or another individual he or she becomes a thing of shadows. Not quite the creature by the same name, yet there are advantages. In this form one may leap from one shadow to another within 30′, traveling at a rate of 120′ between shadows in that range. In addition one is immune to non-magical weapons (save silver weapons), cannot be drowned or suffocated in this form and only takes one quarter damage from falling.. Those of magical nature and/or made of silver deal an extra +1 damage. In this form, if the light is dim (twilight, torchlight, a heavily curtained room during the day) those in this form may cause Fear as per the spell in those of 4HD or lower do to the eerie nature of the shadowy body. The downside is that in bright light, such as a well light room or under a noon day sun on a cloudless day, the one in this form is -2 to strike and damage due to the harsh light. The voice of the person in shadow form is a rasping hiss, sounding distant and eerie.

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