[New Magic Item] Grate Sword of Tormis

Grate Sword of Tormis

The ogre, sensing the battle was turning against it, drew a human sized short sword from its belt and swung the flat side at the elf ranger, striking him on the side of the face.

‘This isn’t over,’ the monster sneered. ‘We will continue this another time.’

Shocked at the attack and his bloodied face the elf was taken aback as the ogre dodged spells by the druid and gnome illusionist and disappeared into the depths of the forest at night. The elf was no happier when he realized that the wound healed leaving scarification bumps on his cheek.

Days later the trio of adventurers were in a small town when a quartet of bandits regarded them curiously.

‘That’s them, boys! The elf is the one the ogre has a bounty on, look at his face!’ one of them shouted as the ranger, druid and illusionist braced themselves.

‘I should have known,’ groaned the elf just before combat.

From the brutal land of Tormis comes the grate blade, so named because the flat side of the blade is not flat, but covered in small, sharp metal divets (similar to a cheese grater in shape and pattern) used in scarification rituals originally for the empire’s most brutal and effective warriors as a badge of courage. Tormis is long gone but the legacy of these blades lives on and magic has crept into them to ensure they endure.

Benefit: In combat normally the slicing edge of one of these swords is used as it causes more damage, dealing 1d6+1 points of damage. At will the wielder can use the ‘grated’ or ‘toothed’ flat of the blade for 1d4+1 points of damage. In addition, using the flat will cause scarification on exposed flesh in the form of bloody raised bumps that heal over time. This scarification is persistent and sometimes requested by particularly fierce warriors in combat or in rituals and is seen as a mark of bravery. To others it is a way to mark opponents. To remove these marks requires a Remove Curse, Cure Major Wounds, Limited Wish or Wish spell or by completing a Geas.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a short sword.

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