[New Magic Item] Blue Garnet Bear

Blue Garnet Bear

The gnome seemed extremely confident as he leaned on Pyj for the money he was owed.

‘What makes you think that I’m going to pay?’ the human thief asked the diminutive thief.

‘Are you pressing me?’ the gnome asked in a squeaky voice.

‘I guess I am,’ Pyj replied.

‘Good,’ the gnome grinned and whispered something into one of his hands, a glint of blue could be seen.

Moments later a huge bear lumbered menacingly through the trees and stood behind the gnome.

‘I’ll have your money by sundown,’ Pyj said.

‘I thought so,’ replied the gnome with a grin as Pyj realized why the gnome wanted to meet outside of town.

An intricately carved grizzly bear in blue garnet, this magic item was enchanted by an archdruid and an archmage and given to a dwarf champion that had single-handedly cleared a mountain path of monsters and aided in trade routes being reinstated. As the dwarf fell many ages ago in combat this magic item has passed through many hands since then, often being used as nothing more than a curious object, with few owners realizing its true potential.

Benefit: The power of this magic item can be invoked once per day, allowing the bearer, upon the utterance of the command word, summoning an actual grizzly bear with full Hit Dice and a +1 to damage with the claw/claw/bite attack (use the stats of a brown bear for this creature). The bear will not attack the owner of the carved garnet or his or her companions (unless provoked to in the case of the latter), yet will be surly and aggressive towards most anyone else. If conjured for combat the bear lasts for one round per level of the owner of the gem, if called for non-combat (such as being used as a mount, a beast of burden or similar uses) the bear will remain for two turns (twenty minutes) per level of the owner of the garnet. If non-combat becomes combat the time switches from turns to rounds immediately.

Usable by: Anyone.

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