[New Spell] Planebound


The trio of adventurers were following the path of destruction that the greater demon had left in its path, pilfering bits of treasure here and there as they could.

‘This is great! Let’s hope that thing doesn’t backtrack its path,’ said the gnome illusionist.

‘Don’t even say that! That thing is hideous,’ Fellhorn the druid said as he pointed out the devastation around them.

A winged shadow trailed over them, looking up, the great fiend glared down.

‘You just had to say it, didn’t you?’ asked the elf. ‘Tempting Fate is like a compulsion with you. A compulsion that is going to get us all killed!’

The greater demon landed nearby and snarled at the trio, raising a fiery sword and about to charge it suddenly looked as if it was struggling, sinking into a hole that had just appeared in the ground. Dropping its sword the demon began clutching desperately at the earth, yet it still sank into the chasm below which then sealed itself up.

‘Looks like we got lucky that time,’ the gnome said sheepishly.

The elf and druid both smirked.

Planebound (Magic-user)

Level 6

Range: 30′.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

When cast upon a subject that target finds themselves bound to whatever plane that they are on for the duration of the spell. No means of planar escape, include Rope Trick will work, and even Blink and Teleportation will fail to function properly 85% of the time. In the case of Blink a failure means the subject blinks back in the same spot, in Teleportation the one teleporting is sent five miles in a random direction from their destination. Summoned creatures often try to have this spell cast upon them to remain longer on the Prime Material Plane and cause more havoc.

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