[New Magic Item] Eyespore


‘Someone is in our cottage again,’ Valance said as he came out of his trance.

‘Again?!’ exclaimed Navnen as he got up from the table at the tavern. ‘We can’t do anything anymore.’

‘We can surprise intruders,’ the priest of the Spider God said with a twisted smile.

Chalk and Koram divied up coins to pay the tavernkeeper and the quartet headed towards their small cottage, plotting the best way to catch their burglar.

These rare pieces of sporecery come from advanced sporecerers that grow fungal nodes that they use to see all around them or sometimes, on rare occassions, break off to give to a hero for an adventure. It is said that these ‘eyes’ on dead sporecerers are not enchanted.

Benefit: Activated by a tear, this enchanted spore will allow anyone who can meditate for a few moments to see through the spore, as a remote camera up to one mile away from the spore. This lasts for three rounds (three minutes) per tear. The ‘eye’ can be moved from side to side and can be easily attached to a vertical surface. Allows for darkvision to 40′.

Usable by: Anyone.

About bät

I write and draw and shamble around the planet.
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