[New Magic Item] Amulet of the Archthief

Amulet of the Archthief

Valance returned and sat unassumingly among the others in their cottage.

‘What have you been up to?’ Chalk asked.

‘Who, me? Nothing much really,’ replied the priest of the Spider God.

‘That’s odd, Navnen said he saw you with some rogue-looking chap, and Navnen knows rogues,’ Chalk replied casually.

The thief glanced over at Valance.

‘Okay, okay, I won a magic item that allowed me to call a great thief that taught me a few skills,’ Valance confessed as he threw his hands in the air.

‘You what? I could have used that!’ the thief said.

‘I won it though,’ Valance countered. ‘Besides, it doesn’t matter anyway, the amulet is gone.’

‘Gone? Did you lose it in another bet?’ Koram asked.

Valance hung his head.

‘No, the Archthief stole it back when I wasn’t looking and disappeared,’ Valance said.

This amulet, shape like a golden hand clasping a bright green emerald is obviously magical and look unique, as if made for a certain purpose. When the Archthief stole from a cabal of Archmages the powerful wizards got back at the brazen rogue so that now, even as he he passed into the outer realms as a demigod they can still have him called back to serve the living.

Benefit: Upon receiving a sacrifice (“donation”) of at least 2500 gold pieces worth of gems and uttering the command word this amulet will call the Great Archthief from his domain in the Outer Planes. This grandmaster rogue will serve the one who summoned them for one hour per level (one hour minimum) of the summoner. While the Archthief will NOT fight on behalf of the summoner, he will perform any other thiefly duties as a 20th level Thief, including stealing, spying, fencing loot, etc. In addition, the Archthief can grant any thief skill (or skill boost for thieves) at a rate of one level per hour for thief character and one level per three hours for non-thief characters (although Halflings learn at the same rate as a Thief regardless of class). Not that the Archthief will try to steal this amulet if given a chance and if successful will disappear back to his realm with it, only a strange laughter signaling his departure.

Usable by: Anyone.

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