[New Magic Item] Scalechanger Staff

Scalechanger Staff

The dragon’s hideous acidic breath weapon easily ate away at the rood and walls of the cottage. An obsidian scaled dragon peered into the wreckage.

‘Wrong house,’ Chalk said as he viewed the destruction with dismay. ‘You want the sorcerer next door, I think. He mentioned a new magic item to me the other day.’

The dragon started to apologize then realized that before him was just another treacherous human.

Wings whipped around and tail snapped as the dragon tore into the house next door.

‘And the dragon is not even going to pay for that?’ Navnen asked as he climbed in through a window.

‘I doubt that,’ Chalk answered as he tried to clear up the debris. Screams emanated from the house that the dragon had now focused on.

This strange magical staff is hated by dragons of all colors, and uneasy alliances have formed to hunt one of this rune covered oaken staffs down. If you use one against a dragon it doesn’t take a sage to advise you to be far away when the enchantment elapses.

Benefit: This beautifully carved wooden staff does fair damage in combat, 1d6+1/1d8+2 against dragons, making it a formidable weapon. In addition, upona successful strike against any dragon or creature derived from dragon blood the wielder of the staff may force the dragon to polymorph into another dragon type, usualy an opposite (metallic into chromatic and vice-versa). Note that this change lasts for two hours each time and the dragon’s alignment and breath weapon change accordingly. The altered dragon is not under the power of the wielder of the staff, but is less likely to attack if of similar outlook/alignment. Even if of the same alignment the dragon will not just stand there and be slain and can defend itself, fly off, etc.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a magical staff.

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