[New Magic Item] Magical Skulls: The Skull That Talks to Ghosts

Magical Skulls: The Skull That Talks to Ghosts

Deadflower the necromantress smiled her cold, distant half smile as the ghoul opened the wooden chest and revealed the bizarre crystal skull within.

‘Yes, yes, set it on the ground,’ she ordered her minion who acquiesed without question.

Something swirled within the crystal horse’s skull.

‘Beadlebones, come to me,’ Deadflower whsipered.

Moments later a shrouded ghostly figure stood before the necromantress.

‘What is it that you wish to know?’ the spirit asked in a wispy voice.

‘Dear sister, I wish to know where father is buried and if his staff is buried with him,’ Deadflower asked.

The ghost cackled.

‘Why should I tell you?’ Beadlebones asked. ‘What will you give me to answer you?’

‘I will send you back to your infernal slumber and not lock your soul into this bottle I’m holding,’ Deadflower replied.

Beadlebones mad a hissing sound.

‘You always were the most treacherous of us all!’

Deadflower half smiled, taking that as a compliment.

Looking like a crystal horse skull with short antlers, this strange magical skull is sought after by many villains and rarely relinquished without bloodshed. The secrets of the dead can be bargained for if the price is right. Sometimes the dead ask too much to reveal what they know however.

Benefit: This magical skull will use any type of cemetery or other burial site as a conduit to recall one spirit of an intelligent dead person, humanoid, aberration or other monster. The spirit will appear and will give an account of itself and will converse for one hour to those around, answering questions and giving advice. The catch? Only Chaotic or Neutral spirits will answer the call, creatures of Law will not. Is the spirit being truthful or lying? Perhaps a sacrifice of some kind will ensure truthfulness.

Usable by: Anyone.

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