[New Magic Item] Bracelets of the Wise Raven

Bracelets of the Wise Raven

The Navnen-raven cawed loudly and flew up into the air and circled around in a wide circle before landing near his companions. He drew a crude map with his beak on the soft dirt.

‘Okay, this is handy, but we could use a thief again,’ Koram said.

The thief-raven flapped his wings wildly and cawed loudly.

‘He will get tired of it in time,’ Chalk said.

‘Not anytime soon!’ Navnen thought to himself.

In a distant mountain range two dwarf lords argue and fight over a pass that is used as a trade route. Each has a silver bracelet that has two stylized raven heads looking at each other on it. If these two can be convinced to come together and use this magic item for a party they may reap the benefits. This has not happeend in recent memory.

Benefit: If both of these enchanted bracelets are brought withing 5′ of each other the wielder(s) of the bracelets may do one of the following:

  • Summon a giant raven (3′ tall, 3 HD) that will steal one item that it can carry for an individual with an 88% chance of success.
  • Polymorph up to four individuals into giant ravens (3′ tall) that will retain their mental attributes and can fight as 3HD monsters. This transformation lasts until each individual decides to return to his or her original form.

Usable by: Anyone. Good luck!

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