[New Spell] Ink Colored Paper

Ink Colored Paper

His skeletons defeated the necromancer snarled at the trio of adventurers.

‘Very well,’ the fiend said as he drew a scroll from a satchel at his side.

Fellhorn groaned as he tried thinking of another spell. The elf ranger grasped for another arrow and found his quiver empty. The gnome illusionist snapped his fingers and smiled.

As the necromancer unfurled the scroll the parchment turned a dark blue in his hand, matching the ink. He could read nothing. He snarled again and as lowered the scroll from his face Fellhorn’s staff knocked the necromancer on the side of the head and dropped him.

‘Treachery’, the necromancer whimpered as he fell to the ground and lost conciousness.

The elf turned to the gnome.

‘I will give you that one, runt, that was a good spell.’

Ink Colored Paper (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: 20’+5’/level.

Duration: Effect lasts one turn (ten minutes).

This spell is the bane of many spellcasters and those about to reveal something written on paper or parchment. When cast this spell causes all paper, parchment or other items written on with ink of some kind, natural or made to become the color of the ink for the duration of the spell. The caster may exempt any items from this effect. This causes all scrolls to become illegible temporarily except those in the caster’s possession. Spellcasters of level 4 and higher receive a 35% (+5%/level over 4th) chance for their written documents to resist the effects of this spell.

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