[New Spell] Wind Wall

Wind Wall

The elf ranger jumped out of the way of a half a dozen goblin arrows as Fellhorn the druid’s spell protected himself from the incoming arrows.

‘Hey!’ shouted the elf.

‘I didn’t know that could happen!’ apologized the human.

The gnome illusionist threw a hypnotic pattern of swirling colors at the vile little humanoids.

‘Could you two stop bickering and…’

Before the gnome could finish he was caught up in the druid’s spell and hurled ten feet in the air and landed behind the elf.

Wind Wall (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One round per level of caster.

Conjuring a whirling column of air around either the druid or one that he or she designates within 20′, this spell creating a furious barrier that makes all physical weapons and attacks are -2 to hit and damage due to the speed of the spinning wall of air. This coulmn will surround and protect a creature up to Large size, although there is an opening at the top that does expose the one protected by the whirling wall of air.Note that anyone right next to the subject protected by this spell may be struck by errant arrows or rampant blades (65% chance) depedning on whether he or she is in the path of the current or not. Not that Small and smaller sized creatures have a 65% chance of being caught up in the strong air current and thrown d10 feet.

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