[New Magic Item] Mountain Jarl’s Armring

Mountain Jarl’s Armring

The elf ranger assessed the carnage with nodding approval.

‘You didn’t do too bad this time, a lot of biting and gnawing, but not a bad job, I am impressed,’ the elf told the gnome as Fellhorn the druid collected the belongings of the dead bandits.

‘I must admit that the jewelry I received from that dwarf rune-something-or-other helped,’ the gnome illusionist said, revealing a silver armring.

‘Why are you wearing it around your thigh?’ asked the ranger.

‘I’m a gnome, it wouldn’t fit around my arm,’ squeaked the illusionist.

Crafted by dwarven runecrafters for centuries and used either among themselves or given to allied leaders these magical armrings can be worn from wrist to bicep and are considered a great honor to have one of these bestowed upon oneself. Never found in treasure troves, it is rumored that if the one wearing this magic item falls then the armring reverts back to an ingot of silver without enchantment. The armring is shaped as a silver band with two bears heads meeting.

Benefit: If bestowed by a leader that was given one of these by a dwarven runecrafter then the wearer gains +1 to AC, has a +1 to strike in combat, may make a bite attack for 1d4+1 points of damage as a free attack and has a -20% chance of contracting lycanthropy if bitten by any lycanthrope other than a werebear. In the case of a werebear biting the wearer he or she has a +40% chance of contracting the disease yet (demi-humans included), while wearing this magic item will maintain full control of when they change shapes and for how long if they do become a lycanthrope. If the owner of this armring dies the magic item becomes an ordinary ingot of silver that a dwarf can remake into another of these enchanted armrings.

Usable by: Anyone.

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