[New Magic Item] Antivenom Bottle

Antivenom Bottle

‘It is okay, we can pass over the bridge now,’ Valance said confidently as he twirled a strange glass bottle in his hand.

‘But the ogre…’ Koram began.

‘Had a poisoned brother that needed help,’ the priest of the Spider God replied with a grin as he nodded at the empty bottle.

‘So you are that kind of cleric after all!’ Chalk exclaimed with a wry smile.

‘Let’s not let that get out, I have a reputation to uphold,’ Valance saidwith a look of mock dignity.

When the cleric is away, overburdened, or like Valance, an Antivenom Bottle is a lifesaver or a way to make a bit of extra coin. So of course Valance usually has one on him.

Benefit: Holding one pint of potable water will transform this water into a powerful enchanted antivenom that works as a general cure for those who have been poisoned (85% chance of success). Note that the water must be potable for the magic to kick in and it takes three hours for the enchantment to complete, so plan ahead. Each of these clear glass bottles holds approximately four doses for a medium sized creature, six for small sized creatures and two for large creatures.

Usable by: Anyone.

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