[New Spell] Taking The Heat

Taking The Heat

The Scholar of Wexos mumbled a spell and threw a thick candle in the air just as the skeletal figure raised the torch to the rope. The rope did not catch on fire, the candle melted in mid-air. Emotionlessly the skeleton still managed a quizzical look by cocking its skull at an angle.

‘Are we glad to see you!’ Chalk exclaimed from the cage above the tarry pit.

The skeleton drew a rusty dagger from its sheath.

‘Hold that thought,’ the illusionist replied as he focused on the skeleton and began another spell, one that caused dazzling lights to confuse the skeleton’s undead eyes as it lashed out with one arm, trying to cut the rope.

Taking The Heat (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 20’+5’/level, must be within line of sight.

Duration: One turn.

Using this spell an illusionist may ‘steal’ heat from one source, such as a torch, a burning fireplace or even a magical wall of fire or, if quick enough, even a spell such as Fireball. While denying the heat from one source it does need an object to absorb the heat. This must be a non-living object and if combustible this will immediately catch on fire itself and usually burn out within a round or two depending on size of fire and receiving object, which can cause this time to vary. To catch a fast moving source of heat, such as a Fireball spell the illusionist must make a Dexterity attribute check, failure causes the spell to continue unhindered. Any flames enduring beyond ten minutes naturally will regain their heat and continue burning.

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