[New Magic Item] Crow Amulet

Crow Amulet

Stork fumbled with the small amulet shaped like a crow’s skull with a ruby traped inside of it. Before too long a pair of crows flapped up to the sorcerer, landing on the limb of a nearby tree.

‘Your errand for us?’ one of them asked in a harsh, raspy tone.

Without hesitation Stork produced a small parchment and handed it towards the birds, one grasped it in its beak.

‘Take this to the nearest tavernkeeper, if he nods at you after seeing this report it back to me,’ the sorcerer replied.

The crows looked at each other and flew off.

‘Will it work?’ asked Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘After a few weeks of this it either will work or I will toss this amulet in the nearest river,’ Stork said.

A small, simple magic item that is handy when the thief is unlucky or indisposed. Not wise to use around similar items that deal with ravens.

Benefit: A command word activates this small silver amulet that is set with a shiny red ruby. Upon activation this enchanted bauble summons 1d4 2HD crows with an IQ of 10 and a DEX of 16 that will serve the caster faithfully for one hour. These birds will steal an item or relay or retrieve a message or do any similar small task with relative ease, but they will not attack, only defend themselves. At the completion of the errand the bird(s) will require 1d8 gold pieces in payment. If summoned and the crows eaten out of desperation the amulet will disappear. Usable once per week.

Usable by: Anyone.

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