[New Magic Spell] Imitate Familiar

Imitate Familiar

‘Is this necessary?’ Chalk asked.

‘Just hold the bag, boys, catch the imp,’ Knat replied tersely.

Moments later a small devilish creature flapped around the corner. Navnen the thief nimbly caught the thing as Knat finished mumbling her spell and reached into the bag. In an instant she took the form of a small imp. The imp-druidess glared at the wizard and thief.

‘Do NOT let that imp out of the bag,’ she said in the creature’s voice.

‘Is it worse than letting a cat out of a bag?’ Navnen asked.

‘Much,’ was the reply.

‘Grab a couple of scrolls for me while you are in there,’ Chalk whispered aloud as an afterthought.

Imitate Familiar(Druid)

Level 5

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

An obscure druid spell, unknown to most and feared by many magic-users, Imitate Familiar allows the druid to transform themselves into the exact likeness of a familiar that the caster is able to touch, All physical abilities and resistances of the familiar the druid possesses as well as retaining the caster’s own mental attributes and druidic spellcasting abilities and magic based class abilities. If the familiar is placed in any magical container, such as a Bag of Holding, the casting druid intercepts all messages/commands mentally sent by the familiar’s master and can reply.

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