[New Magic Item] Okna’s Headband

Okna’s Headband

Vistis the Blue Mage tied the headband around his lacquered mask before he and Stork approached the tower. A spindly human guard blocked the way suddenly holding a polearm.

Stork began a simple spell as Vistis whistled twice sharply, a code the two had agreed to. Stork stopped short as Vistis snapped his wand at the guard causing a shower of dazzling lights to baffle him.

A moment later an assassin dropped down from above and Stork gripped him with an electric grasp that caused the would be killer to scream in agony.

The great apeman hero Okna it is said had many of these enchanted headbands, as he was both a bit careless and very confident that his shaman adventuring companion, Grolk, could always make another.

Benefit: While not granting a bonus to armor class and not being able to be worn with other magical headwear (although it can be worn with mundane armor) this magical headband is still quite valuable as it allows the wearer to know who the biggest threat is in a room in any given situation. Sometimes, in combat especially, this will be quite obvious, although not always as this magical headband will warn of a hidden enemy, but not reveal their location, although the location of all visible threats will reveal the order of danger each poses via a ‘warm to cool’ color spectrum. Even in social situations this magical headband will reveal who is the biggest threat to the wearer.

Usable by: Anyone.

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