[New Magic Spell] Minstrel Curse

Minstrel Curse

‘I am really glad that you brought me back from the dead, that means a lot, especially with the loss of so many other thieves from your group,’ Navnen struggled to tell the others over the minstrel’s strumming of the lute next to them in the tavern.

‘Oh, it is no problem,’ Valance said glibly.

The minstrel began a rather embarassing song about a failed romance of the thief’s.

‘Like I said, I am really happy and all, but is this necessarry?’ Navnen asked as he pointed a thumb at the bard next to him.

‘We wanted to celebrate your birthday, but we didn’t know that this was actually a curse,’ Chalk explained over the minstrel’s tale of Navnen falling into a well.

The thief forced a smile and ordered another ale.

Minstrel Curse (Cleric/Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

An annoying curse at best, the Minstrel Curse calls forth a minstrel, bard, skald, etc out of the woodwork to sing the praises and make light of the foibles and missteps of the victim. This is fairly constant and the minstrel themselves will not fight in combat, sitting out any fights while continuing to sing about their target. Any attacks made on the minstrel by the subject of the curse cause the minstrel to blink as a blink dog out of harm’s way and start up again. If any harm does come to the bard then all within a two mile radius will shame the victim of the curse, whether or not he or she actually killed the minstrel. If a Remove Curse isn’t handy it may be best to just ride this one out.

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