[New Magic Item] Trumpet of the Sealbreaker

Trumpet of the Sealbreaker

Navnen fired off a salute to his fellow adventurers.

‘Apparently I will be back in a week,’ the thief said.

‘So we lose our thief for a week and the seal is still not broken?’ Valance said, exasperated.

‘That is the way magic works,’ the green hooded figure said in a low raspy voice.

‘It isn’t doing us any good,’ moped the priest of the Spider God.

‘Shall I keep your thief a month instead? A year?’ asked the Sealbreaker.

‘No, no! Please forgive our priest, he meant no harm,’ Chalk interjected.

Valance was about to summon a few rather large spiders to sort out the problem when a portal opened and the Sealbreaker and Navnen solemnly walked through.

Virtually a limitless number of entities live out in the Great Beyond, the being known as the Sealbreaker, only encountered when this trumpet is winded (unless encountered in its lair out on the Planes) is one of them. Enigmatic and silent, this humanoid draped in a dark green huuded cloak and covered with boots and gloves is reputed to be an Archdruid bested by an Archmage that now serves to interfere with wards and seals when called upon, which this being will do with glee.

Benefit: When the trumpet is sounded the mysterious Sealbreaker will appear and when instructed, will break any ward, seal or sigil with 95% chance of success. In the rare case of failure the one who sounded the trumpet must serve the Sealbreaker in his realm for one week as a vassal, running various errands in the shadowy wilderness realm. Usable once per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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