[New Magic Item] Banner of the Fey Court

Banner of the Fey Court

The hobgoblin captain unfurled a strange banner that he had found deep in the ogre lair. The breeze caught the banner and it flapped in the wind.

Fellhorn the druid saw it first.

‘What is that?’ he asked and pointed.

The elf ranger and gnome illusionist each swooned under the influence of the banner, looked at each other and shrugged.

Moments later the two demi-humans towered over the human.

‘Crush some hobgoblins?’ asked an ogre sized gnome.

‘With pleasure!’ exclaimed the stone giant sized elf with a sinister grin as the two lumbered off.

‘At least they aren’t bickering for once,’ Fellhorn muttered to himself as he sat back to watch the carnage.

This beautiful banner is filled with muted colors that portray a happily marching army of demi-humans with looming sihouettes behind them of monstrous giants. The banner must be seen for the magic to take effect and few resist the temporary change unless they need to.

Benefit: As this banner is flown, all demi-humans that can see it (gnomes, elves, dwarfs and halflings) may either roll a Save versus Spells or run with the magic and be “sprigganized” for a 24 hour period. What this means is that each species takes on the size and Hit Dice of a particular Large sized creature, retaining their own attributes and abilities as well as all belongings changing in size to match the new form. Any abilities of the new form are not gained, just the size, physical strength and Hit Dice.

  • Gnomes and Halflings grow to the size of Ogres.
  • Dwarfs grow to the size of Hill Giants.
  • Elves grow to the size of Stone Giants.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Banner of the Fey Court

  1. Hiverlord says:

    This is a cool item.

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