[New Magic Item] Wand of Globes

Wand of Globes

‘How are we going to get the gnome back?’ lamented Fellhorn the druid as he wistfully watched the strange globe float away on top of the river. The gnome illusionist could barely be seen now as he flailed inside the bubble on the water’s surface.

‘Are we?’ asked the elf ranger. ‘He’s kind of a pest. We could focus on chasing the wizard that put him in that thing.’

Fellhorn scowled.

‘We are adventurers. We are partners in these expeditions,’ the druid replied.

The elf rolled his eyes.

‘Fine,’ he said as he retrieved an arrow from his quiver. He aimed and let the arrow fly. The globe crackled with energy and broke into disintegrating pieces.

Fellhorn scrambled to cast a spell to retrieve the gnome and prevent him from drowning. He glared at the elf.

‘You could have warned me!’

A strange magical wand indeed, the original intent is unclear, was it meant to be benign or malign? Very rare and curious, a wand many spellcasters would enjoy owning.

Benefit: This wand typically holds five charges and can be used on any type of thing, living, undead, construct, being or item. Each charge creates a 10′ diameter globe or bubble of nearly impenetrable crystal clear magical energy which surrounds the intended target. The thing inside enjoys a constant flow of fresh air and is yet airtight. The globe bounces effortlessly and the thing inside is weightless, bouncing as high as 30′, rolling on top of water and immune to normal fires. Physical attacks and magical spells must deal up to 30 hit points of damage to break the globe of energy while the thing within, if capable of movement on its own, can leave at any time, although leaving entirely destroys the globe. Left undisturbed one of these magical bubbles will eventually deteriorate in 1d4+2 months. This wand can be recharged with any 4th level spell cast into it.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a wand.

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