[New Magic Item] (Cursed) Cup of Silence

(Cursed) Cup of Silence

Chalk dropped the silver cup that was next to the clear spring. He motioned for Valance not to drink from it.

‘Cursed? The cup or the water?’ the priest of the Spider God asked.

Chalk nodded then shrugged.

Koram collected a handful of water from the spring and drank it as the others cringed.

‘I don’t cast spells,’ the fighter said.

‘At least we know it is the cup,’ Navnen observed.

They never heard the growling or snarling of the attacking wargs as their clever hobgoblin master had his pets drink from the very same cup not an hour before.

This is a subtle and tricky magic item, Often left in innocent or seemingly innocent settings, quite often by villains about to attacks or spellcasters looking for an easy arcane fight.

Benefit: Any time any liquid is drank from this plain silver mug the imbiber must make a Save versus Magic/Spells with a -2 modifier or be struck mute for 1d4 days, during which time all speech is impossible. After this time speech is restored completely. Spellcasters will have a 35% chance of spell failure without being able to speak. This magic does affect animals and other creatures too, which can have devastating affects in the wrong hands.

Usable by: Anyone can use it, few would want to.

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