[New Magic Item] Haunted Helm of Krilm

(Cursed) Haunted Helm of Krilm

‘Throw it away,’ Chalk advised.

‘But the protection is really worth it,’ argued Koram.

‘No, not after last time,’ the wizard replied.

‘What are the chances that we will encounter undead again?’ Koram asked.

His words were followed by unearthly shrieks.

Valance sighed heavily.

‘Does that helmet call ghosts to it?’ he asked.

‘Okay, okay, I will…’ Koram began.

‘Oh great, it is stuck on his head now,’ Navnen said and went to help Koram to remove the helmet.

Nobody is sure how this ornate helmet became haunted, yet this item does lure more than enough fighter types to try it on, with its golden wings and shiny silver finish the helm looks radiant and exudes magic.

Benefit: The good thing about this helmet is that it does give the wearer a +2 to AC. The downside is that the magical headgear will cause the wearer to make a Save versus Magic/Spells once per day it is worn. A failed Saving Throw means that the wearer is Charmed (as the spell) by the ghosts that haunt the helmet and will be encouraged not to attack or harm any undead under any circumstances, this includes turning undead. Undead, in turn, will not attack the helm’s wearer, which often causes further conflict and turmoil. Removing the helmet takes a Dexterity attribute check with a +2 modifier.

Usable by: Anyone can wear a helm.

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