[New Magic Item] Wand of Ghouls

Wand of Ghouls

Arklin the wizard was proud of his new magic item. Surrounded by a ghoul bodyguard made the magic-user feel invincible and these lesser undead didn’t ask for much. One even stayed around to help after its time to serve the wizard had elapsed. His only problem was the cost, not being experienced enough, Arklin had to rely on more powerful wizards to recharge the wand for him.

Then the fateful day came when Arklin used his wand and was whisked away with his entourage (minus the volunteer of course) of undead to a sarcophagus deep under the city in ancient ruins. By the time the voluntary ghoul found the sarcophagus and opened the door there wasn’t much left of Arklin, but the five ghouls that were with him did have a superb meal as their bloody muzzles proved.

This is the type of magic item that many clerics despise and will go to great lengths to destroy if they hear one is in the area, starting a crusade if need be to destroy a wand.

Benefit: This magical wand allows the wielder to summon and command 1d4 ghouls per charge and typically holds six charges. Each use has a 25% chance of also summoning an additional creature, either a ghast or a ghoul-mage (q.v.). These undead will obey their summoner and will remain near him for one hour per level of the summoner after which time they will wander off harmlessly. This wand may be recharged with any 5th level spell. Each use does carry a risk- there is a 9% chance that the wand’s user will sudenly teleport to the nearest sarcophagus. If ghouls are in tow this is dangerous for while they will try not to harm their summoner, if they get too hungry….

Usable by: Anyone can wield a wand.

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